Sheikh of al-Naeem clan: Turkey targets area that extends from Aleppo to Mosul

Sheikh of al-Naeem tribe in northern Syria confirmed that Turkey is seeking to occupy areas from Aleppo province in Syria to Mosul province in Iraq, and pointed out that the people of the region will be with SDF in confronting any possible Turkish attack on northeast Syria.

After the occupation of Afrin in 2018, Turkey is seeking to occupy more areas and mobilize its forces on the borders of the canton of Tel- Abyad and Kobani in northeastern Syria, in a sign that there are serious Turkish intentions to reoccupy the areas covered by Milli Charter.

Turkey is the main godfather of mercenary factions'

 “In 2012, Turkey has brought more than 80 mercenary and terrorist gangs across its borders, particularly into Serêkaniyê area, and Turkey is the main godfather of the mercenary factions,” Hamad Shehadeh, the sheikh of al-Neeam clan, told (ANHA).

'Turkey is trying to control Aleppo province through Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor

Speaking about the crises suffered by Turkey under the rule of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Shehadeh said, “Turkey's goal is not only to invade northern and eastern Syria, but it is trying to control Aleppo province through Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor and all the northern Syrian regions, all the way to Mosul and Sinjar mountains in Iraq and south Kurdistan.

Our choice is resistance

He stressed that the tribes are part of the peoples of the region, and will not accept and will not compromise to divide of areas of Syria and added "We have no choice but to resist in the face of all internal and external threats to the region," he said.

He added, "It is the Syrian Democratic Forces that fought the abomination of terrorism and mercenary gangs, in conjunction with the International Coalition's support for SDF in defeating the terrorist organization. They are forces from the region and do not want to open military conflicts with neighboring countries, but look for a solution and peaceful political dialogue. "

'They will be in one trench next to their children and military forces'

Shehadah pointed out at the end of his speech that the areas of northern and eastern Syria "depend on national unity among all its components, and requires them to stand united in the face of all threats to the region and its security, and they will be in the same trench next to their children and military forces for any possible aggression on their areas."



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