Sheikh of clan: Daesh ideas danger to our regions, states must restore their citizens

Mohamed Noor al-Zeeb sheikh of Bureij clan said that the people and notables of the clans will stand alongside the Syrian Democratic Forces against any threat to areas of northern and eastern Syria, adding that they will work together to fight mercenaries' sleeper cells and added: "The European countries must restore their citizens who fought in the ranks of Daesh mercenaries and try them."

The ideas of Daesh mercenaries pose a great threat to the regions of northeastern Syria despite the fact that Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) defeated Daesh. Thousands of mercenaries are being held in prisons in northeastern Syria after their countries refused to receive them. Hawar News Agency's reporter met with al-Bureij clan's sheikh, Muhammad Noor al-Zeeb to talk about their position over this threat.

"The threat posed by Daesh is a threat to the whole world. These mercenaries, who are in the prisons of Autonomous Administration, have extremist ideology and seek to form sleeper cells that threaten security and stability in the liberated areas," he said.

Al-Zeeb noted that no state in the world can absorb the danger those mercenaries-held by SDF-pose, he noted, "As for the mercenaries and their families whose number exceeded 50,000 in the camps, the European countries, including NATO, cannot absorb them were they refugees, let alone fighters in the ranks of mercenaries?

Mohammed al-Zeeb pointed out that the risk of Daesh mercenaries does not only restrict to the military side, but also on the intellectual side, especially on children, stressing: "These mercenaries have committed crimes against the world in general and the right of the Syrian people in particular, and practiced the most brutal and maximum types of marginalization against women, drove children into the training camps and forced them to fight in their ranks, and planted the obscurantist thought in their minds. "

" Referring to the danger of Daesh mercenaries' sleeping cells that pose a threat to northeastern Syria, he said that they have defeated the most dangerous organization in the world with support of the International Coalition, and now the fight against sleeper cells needs support by the coalition, to eliminate all sleeper cells in the north and east of Syria.

We will stand alongside SDF to fight sleeper cells

Al-Zeeb noted, "After Daesh took off the cloak of religion which they used as a cover, the people of the region realized the danger of Daesh mercenaries who hide their acts under religion to affect the hearts of the people and are not only terrorists, but their sole goal is murder and destruction, we learned a lesson from the years that have passed us, we "the clans" stand as one man in the face of anyone trying to attack our land because our people are those who fought Daesh mercenaries and sacrificed their lives in order to eliminate them in areas of northern and eastern Syria."

Sheikh Mohammad Noor al-Deeb said that defeating Daesh mercenaries and its final elimination militarily angered Turkey and made it launch threats to the north and east of Syria and slogans saying: We will eliminate terrorism and means the Syrian Democratic Forces who are the people of the region, but that is not why it launched these threats, it is indeed to ease the military operations against Daesh mercenaries by SDF, but their attempts were in vain."

"If the Turkish occupation forces attack the northern and eastern regions of Syria, it will inevitably turn into chaos," he said. "These mercenaries will come out of the prisons of the Autonomous Administration, and Erdogan uses them to fight us again.

"As the components of the north and east of Syria, we have become accustomed to coexistence, harmony, communication and tribal relations among other components and good neighborly relations with them. The former terrorist groups have tried to dissolve the structure of Syrian society," he said. "My message to other components "Whenever we are one hand, any enemy will not confront us."



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