Sheikh of clan: We are not traitors, read the statement realistically, carefully

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid explained that the Syrian Clans' Forum came out with the results which all the Syrian parties that had met in the past were unable to reach. "We are not traitors; we are not mercenaries. We are patriots. Our goal is to protect our land. Read the statement of the forum realistically and carefully."

In the Ain Issa area on May 3, under the slogan "Syrian tribes protect the society and its social contract" where about five thousand Syrian personalities represented tribes and components throughout Syria met, and issued a final statement that included several important decisions concerning the region and Syria in general.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Hamid, one of the leaders of the Jawala clan in the area of ​​Tirbe Spiyê commented on the importance of the forum and its objectives. He said: "After the phase of eliminating terrorism in which the tribes played a role by feeding the war on terror by clan members or through social support, and the fact that the majority of Syrian society is tribal in nature, we saw that it is necessary to meet with all representatives of the tribes to find a single vision to preserve the gains of the first stage, and to consolidate stability and send a strong message to those who bet and try to tamper with our unity.

Clans did not and will not be cards in the pocket of anyone

He pointed out that the attendance was "very striking, promising and establishing a new stage of solidarity and cohesion which is not new to the tribes of the region, despite the pressure exerted on the tribal leaders, but this participation confirmed that the tribes did not and will not be a card in the pocket of anyone, but are in accordance with the interests of their children, and did not give heed to the data of the dark rooms that move as tools to known parties.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid Al-Hamid said that the tribes and the other components of the Syrian people have national constants, namely, the unity of the Syrian territory and its independence, and not to abandon any part of its territory. He said: "This is confirmed by the tribes in the final statement of the forum, from reaching such outputs."

Al-Hamid said: "During the Syrian crisis, we continued many meetings, but they were not independent and everyone was taking the unity of the Syrian territory and its independence as a title for their interests. However, Ain Issa called for the liberation of all the occupied territories without exception and the Syrian is prohibited from shedding the blood of his Syrian sibling, these outputs open horizons of solution for all the Syrian people."

Claiming the territorial integrity of Syria has become a betrayal in the eyes of some

As for the attacks and evidence that affected the participants in the forum, al-Hamid said: "We also said that many worked to foil the forum, but its success was a shock to everyone. After the forum, we saw statements and attacks on those who participated, most notably the Russian Foreign Ministry statement. Syrian territory is an internal Syrian affair that has nothing to do with Russia or anyone else. We, as Syrians, are known for intelligence and have the ability to solve our problems ourselves."

Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Hamid said: "As for the statement of the Syrian Foreign Ministry, which described the people who attended as traitors, we say that as we always clinging to our national principles, and confirmed in the final statement of the forum the liberation of all Syrian territory without exception, including Afrin, Jarablus and Idlib and the Syrian Golan.

Read the statement realistically and carefully

Abdul Rahman Hamid called on the Syrian regime to read the final communiqué of the forum realistically and carefully, away from external pressure, and be independent in regard to its national choice, and said: "Is the emphasis on the unity of Syrian land, people and the prohibition of Syrian bloodshed a treason?"

"We are not traitors, we are not mercenaries, we are patriots, our goal is to protect our land, and we tell all parties that patriotism is not exclusive to anyone," Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Hamid, one of the notables of al-Jawala clan said.



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