​​​​​​​Sheikh of Jawalah clan: Mamlouk met those who have no decision, regime must support SDF

​​​​​​​Sheikh Abd al-Rahman al-Rashid considered Ali Mamlouk's visit to Al-Jazeera region an attempt to dismantle the Syrian Democratic Forces, and called on the Syrian regime to support SDF.

Al-Rashid’s comments came in response to the visit of the National Security Adviser to the Syrian regime, Ali Mamlouk, on December 5, met with clans in Al-Jazeera region to call for their children to be withdrawn from the ranks of the SDF.

Sheikh Abdel-Rahman al-Rashid, one of the notables of Jawalah clan, said that the SDF was established to protect the region from attacks, and that it consisted of the children of the region, and fought against ISIS mercenaries, and provided thousands of martyrs and great sacrifices, and was able to defeat the mercenaries. He continued: "These forces never carried a sectarian or racially or religiously, on the contrary, they are national forces, and the percentage of Arabs in them is approximately 60%. "

Al-Rashid emphasized that the SDF had aimed, since its foundation, to protect the region from all external attacks and mercenaries, and was able to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria, and said: "The Syrian regime should have supported these forces."

Sheikh Abdul Rahman indicated that the stage the region is going through requires a critical national unity among all components of the Syrian people. He noted: "The Syrian people reject sedition in all its forms, and the presence of foreign forces on Syrian soil constitutes a violation of Syrian sovereignty, and the sovereignty of the country must be preserved to unite all components of the Syrian people. "

Al-Rashid praised the patriotic spirit of the northeastern components of Syria, including Kurds, Arabs, and Syriacs. He explained: "We are against any sectarian, religious, or nationalist tendency. We, the people of the region, are a coherent fabric among ourselves, and we cherish our patriotism."

On the visit of Ali Mamlouk to the region and his meeting with the elders of the tribes, Sheikh Abd al-Rahman al-Rashid explained that Ali Mamlouk met with the elders of the tribes and these are symbols of the clan but they do not have its decision, and he said: "As for the act and the real role, it is for the elders and clans.

On the goals of Ali Mamlouk's visit, Sheikh Abd al-Rahman al-Rashid made it clear that the Syrian regime should have supported the SDF rather than trying to dismantle it and sow discord among a people who possesses bonds of love building a strong defense system for all Syrians.



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