Sheikh Ragheb al-Fares: Autonomous Administration is true expression of free will

Sheikh of al-Zebida clan said that the fruit of our forces' victories over the aggressor force, which is a clear example and a tangible and real expression of the democratic nation's idea and a true expression of free will."


After the start of the Syrian crisis the Syrian conflict turned into a sectarian conflict

in the absence of any project to resolve the crisis between the conflicting parties of the Syrian regime and the mercenaries of the opposition, unlike the north and east of Syria and after the revolution of July 19, where the components of the region declared the Autonomous ministration, and were able to maintain civil peace and coexistence, despite the attempts of the terrorist forces to create strife and confusion sectarianism, ethnicity among the components of the region.

In this regard, ANHA agency conducted an interview with sheikh of al-Zebida clan, Ragheb al-Fares Who stressed that the Autonomous Administration is the structure of a democratic system aimed at reaching an individual in a society in which he has the free will to make decisions.

At the beginning of his speech on the role of the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan thought in the components solidarity with each other in Syria, he said,

" The great credit is the philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, in which he urges the importance of peoples fraternity and the importance of unity of the components of our people and the rows to be a single force against any attack on us."

He added that the Autonomous Administration is a tangible expression of the democratic nation, which aims to spread the peace, brotherhood, equality and freedom, and we have managed to form the Autonomous Administration with the participation of all components and all existing communities."

He noted that, due to the effective role of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in the region, it has become a model for all peoples of the region noting,

 We have been able to organize the people in civic institutions to be more effective and more organized, such as youth organizations, labor unions, hard workers, students' union, teachers and others.

"We have managed to organize the people in civil institutions to be more effective and more organized, such as youth organizations, workers' union, workers, student union, teachers and other institutions.

'Turkey's goal is destabilizing the region '

Sheikh Ragheb al-Fares explained that the aggression of Turkey is an occupation, adding, "Since the announcement of the end of IS mercenaries by the Syrian Democratic Forces which besieged the mercenaries in the last strongholds in al-Bagouz, and the announcement of US President Trump establishment of a buffer zone, the Turkish state is floundering in its statements, and sometimes call for supervision of the buffer zone, we say to the Turkish state that this is occupation of Syrian territory, because the goal of Turkey to destabilize security and stability in the region, and the occupation of Syrian territory just as occupied Afrin and Idlib.

"We want peace and we do not want to attack one of the neighboring countries. We call on the superpowers and the United Nations to supervise the safe area to prevent the Turkish state from attacking our areas and we will protect our areas under the supervision of an international force," he said

At the end of his speech, Sheikh Ragheb al-Fares, called on Kurdish, Syrian and Arab tribes to unite in order to face to any aggression on the northern regions of Syria.



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