Sheikh Turkoman: We do not accept buffer zone, neither from Turkey nor from others

 Ahmad Mohammed Khalaf al-Ibrahim, a Turkoman Sheikh said they reject the buffer zone offered by Turkey and do not accept any foreign party that wants to enter the region, stressing that their areas are safe thanks to the efforts of their children

The Sheikh of Turkoman clan, Ahmed Mohammed Khalaf al-Ibrahim said in a statement to Hawar news agency (ANHA) commenting on Turkey's demands to establish a Buffer zone in the north and east of Syria under its supervision.

"We are citizens of Syria and we live in its territory and we do not accept any occupier, whether Turkey or any other country. No one has the right to intervene in Syrian affairs," Sheikh Turkoman said.

Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Khalaf al-Ibrahim confirms that "The whole world sees that the areas under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF are inhabited by its indigenous inhabitants. For example, we as Turkoman citizens. We are residing in our areas, and our rights are reserved. And SDF's fighters protect us and protect our areas and civil and military councils and institutions in Autonomous Administration."

Al-Ibrahim referred to the talk of a section of the Syrians fleeing from Syria and are present in Turkey and exploited by the Turkish media to promote their hostile policies, "These are mainly members of the armed gangs of Ahrar al-Sham and Jabhit al-Nusra, the last of whom were terrorists Daesh mercenaries before the liberation of the region by the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF. These weak figures do not represent us at all," he said.

"Turkey's claims are false"

The Turkish leaders claim that the northern and eastern regions of Syria are free of their indigenous inhabitants. "Our areas are not displaced, Turkish claims are false, the lands occupied by Turkey in the countryside of Aleppo and the last Afrin free of its indigenous inhabitants, Turkey abandoned its inhabitants and changed their demographics and imposed their strength on the people.

"We have contacts with our relatives in the areas occupied by Turkey, in which they confirm to us that these areas are experiencing security chaos and the great problems of stealing, looting, killing and barricades," he said.

At the end of his speech, the Sheikh of Turkoman clan, Ahmed Mohamed Khalaf al-Ibrahim stressed his rejection of the establishment of a Buffer zone in northern Syria under Turkish supervision, and any other interference from neighboring countries in the Syrian issue.



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