Sheikh Zuher: Turkish practices contradict all religions and Islamic religion's principles

Al-Sheikh Zuher Guli said that the practices of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the people of Afrin are contrary to all the heavenly religions and the principles of the Islamic religion in particular. Al-Sheikh Guli expressed his confidence in the victory of the people and the failure of Erdogan's policies.


As the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue to commit various crimes against Afrin's civilians, these terrorist gangs and Erdogan's regime are trying to add the Islam feature on themselves in an attempt to legitimize and justify their violations.

Al-Sheikh Zuher Guli from al-Shahba canton refuted these allegations and stressed that the Turkish occupation and its mercenary groups are far from the principles of the Islamic religion.

Al-Sheikh Zuher who spoke to our agency, Hawar news agency said that the Islamic religion is based on love, peace, safety and good morals. Islam forbade Muslims to harm their Muslim brothers and sisters. He added, "But now, we see a distortion of the principles of Islam and a deviation of its content in addition to getting it away from its basic values."

Al-Sheikh Zuher said that what the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries commit against the civilians in Afrin violate the principles of all religions, referring to the killing, kidnapping, torturing and looting operations and other brutal violations committed daily against the civilians.

He continued, "The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are the spoilers on the ground, and the word of terrorist is few to describe Erdogan."

Al-Sheikh Zuher pointed out that the Turkish occupation as well as the mercenary gangs disguised behind the Islamic religion seek to exploit religion in order to achieve its objectives; occupying the territories of others and to justify the crimes committed against the peoples.

Al-Sheikh Zuher Guli said in conclusion that the methods and crimes of the Turkish occupation have been exposed and that the occupation will not be able to achieve its objectives, "Erdogan will not reach his goals because the people have already been aware of the real ambitions and policies of the Turkish occupation, and the people are the victors."


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