Sheikhs of al-Raqqa's clans: Victory over IS mercenaries is victory for  whole world

The sheikhs and elders of al-Raqqa clans who said that SDF by declaring end of the battle to defeat terrorism and defeat mercenaries would achieve a victory for the entire world, they added, "The Syrian people are united and we support the Syrian-Syrian dialogue to solve the crisis that the country has been suffering for years."


Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the coming days would announce the defeat of IS in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor, ANHA agency met with the elders of all-Raqqa clans who pointed out that their sons and martyrs were the ones achieved victories and defeated the terrorism that the world forces failed to fight and eliminate.

In this context, the elder of al-Afadela clan Deham al-Shebli said, "We pay tribute to our heroic martyrs and we congratulate SDF about the great victories they have achieved over mercenaries because SDF preserved all the rights of the Syrian people."

Al-Shebli added, "Syria is a harmonious mosaic, so we have to face any aggressor who tries to divide these people living under the people's fraternity and the democratic thought."

As for the declaration of the liberation of the last stronghold of mercenaries in al-Bagouz al-Shebli said, "defeating IS will be a part that will contribute to solving the crisis, reaching a positive outcome and realizing all the aspirations of our people, and we will be free from slavery and domination".

In turn, Sheikh of al-Sabkha clan Mohammed Turki al-Suwaan congratulated all the Syrian people on the approach of the great victory and said, "the people who resisted and struggled in the face of all the international and regional conspiracies that conspired against Syria to achieve their ambitions and objectives at the expense of the Syrian people, and victory over the IS, destroyed all the hopes and aspirations of those countries."

He added, "today, we have proven to these countries that we are based on love, fraternity and the unity of the people of Syria, and we look after the victory of SDF over IS to achieve and implement our project, which we have planned before which is  the project of the democratic nation."



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