Shelling resume between Turkey's gangs, Syrian forces in Idlib countryside

Turkey mercenaries shelled Syrian government's positions with rocket propelled grenades, while Syrian forces shelled the areas, Fatira, Kansafra and Sufuhn, south of Idlib.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the SOHR, reported that Turkish mercenaries, targeted today, at dawn and morning, posts and sites of the government's forces with rocket propelled grenades in Idlib's southern countryside.   

The SOHR said that government forces bombed areas in Fatira, Kansafra and Sufuhn, FeIefel and Binin in southern Idlib, and other areas in Al- Anghawi in Al-Ghab Plain

According to the SOHR, on Saturday, two elements of the government forces were killed by mercenaries, on southern Idlib axes, while from the other side one mercenary was killed by government forces on the axes of Jabal Turkoman in the northern countryside of Lattakia. 



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