Sheraz Hammo: Our message is clear, we will return to Afrin

Sheraz Hammo explained that the presence of displaced in Shahba, It has a clear message to the world, saying, "We are on the edge of Afrin and we will return to it."

Co-chair of Executive Council of Afrin, Sheraz Hammo, spoke to ANHA' agency on the fourth anniversary of Turkey aggression and its mercenaries against Afrin Canton on January 20, 2018.

Turkish state and its mercenaries launched the largest external aggression during the war in Syria, targeting Afrin Canton along 165 km northwest of Syria, after the Russian forces withdrawal from several locations.

People's Protection Units and Women's Protection Units in Afrin faced Turkish army and its allies for 58 consecutive days, along with people resistance that stunned the world.

Turkish state has expelled more than 350,000 citizens from their homes after the occupation of Afrin, in addition to more than half a million displaced Syrians who had been displaced to Afrin before that.

On the situation of the displaced in Shahba Canton and the continuous Turkish aggression, in addition to the Damascus government forces siege on Afrin, ANHA' agency held a dialogue with Sheraz Hammo, co-chair of Executive Council of Afrin.

The text of the conversation:

Turkey and mercenary groups were displaced in 2018, Hundreds of thousands of indigenous people from Afrin Canton to Shahba Canton; 4 years in the camps what this survival means; What are the hopes of the displaced people there?

In the beginning, as much as we condemn Turkish state and its brutal attack, we condemn the silence of international community and human rights organizations regarding what Afrin was subjected to.

The history of Middle East and the world recorded a historic resistance that the whole world witnessed in the face of barbaric Turkish aggression, 58 days of heroic epics against the strength of North Atlantic Treaty power and its advanced technologies, the people clinging to their land and rejected the occupation.

The components of Afrin experienced a great stage of struggle with the start Rojava revolution. This developed into the highest democratic stages, a new successful experience, and a free and secure life, and whoever tasted the freedom did not and will not accept submission.

From that, Turkey and its allies wanted to destroy this experience. Turkey and its mercenary groups expelled the original residents of Afrin from their homes. Today, the displaced still live that reality they lived in Afrin in their souls, thoughts and actions, they showed more insistent that free life is what worthy of them.

Our people are determined to reveal the truth to the whole world, that they have a cause and do not accept the occupation, The presence of the displaced in Shahba has a clear message to the world that we are on the borders of Afrin and we will return to it.

The aggression of Turkey and its mercenaries against Shahba Canton is still ongoing. In addition to the military war, there is a special war, what is the nature of this war and what is its impact on society?

transferring democratic experience from Afrin to Shahba, and hundreds of thousands of displaced residents living on the borders of Afrin Canton, has become a fear for Turkish occupation, and if there is still resistance, there are also military attacks, using different methods that target the will of the people, and seek to divide the society.

The high morale of society constitutes the military and political resistance. Therefore, the special war that Turkish state is practicing it against the displaced in Shahba seeks to eliminate the roots of this resistance and destroy the cohesive society.

Through money, encouraging emigration, spreading narcotics, creating strife between Arabs and Kurds, and even military threats, all of these methods fall under the framework of special war against our people, They target the youth and women, and the goal is to destroy the unity of the people and to dismantle the spirit of resistance in Shahba.

However, with the intensification of special and military war, the cohesion of the people and their insistence on ending the occupation in Afrin increased.

The district suffers from a stifling siege imposed by Damascus government. What are the aims of this siege?

What Damascus government doing is not different from what Turkish state is doing. Both seek to subdue the resistant people, Damascus government is working on a policy of starving the displaced, and through stifling siege they impose, they are trying to destroy the morale of the society, They cut off basic needs to make the people acquiesce to their conditions.

But the most important of all of this, that they are besieging the democratic and free thought that was adopted by the society in Afrin and worked to develop it and now maintains it in Shahba, despite the presence of global and regional forces and great threats.

But we have repeatedly emphasized that the people who have tasted freedom can't accept submission, rather they have a great determination to return and live in freedom and dignity in their land in Afrin, if we ask any child or any person here in the camps about his goal; He will say that he can bear the difficulties and nothing is important to him than to return to Afrin.

What is the purpose of the siege imposed by Damascus government?

What Syrian government is doing is wrong. It increases the suffering of the displaced. Basic needs do not enter the area as required. we are in the winter and Syrian government prevents this area from the heating fuel, in addition to the patients it prevents from going out and receiving treatment. The same as which Turkish state aims, which is the policy of starvation and acquiescence.

From here, we call on the international community and human rights organizations; They have to realize that hundreds of thousands are siege here in this area, not only the people of Afrin Canton, they are from all Syrian regions who had been displaced to Afrin before it was occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries, besides that, there are the people of Shahba Canton are also suffering from this siege.

On the fourth anniversary of the start of Turkey's aggression against Afrin Canton from here, from the camps of Afrin people, what is your word to the world?

The attack that targeted Afrin, targeted the entire history of region. It targeted the blessed revolution that the peoples of Syria began with. Living in the harsh conditions and enduring pain at every moment is a clear message to Turkey and all the countries that support it, that they have not and will not be able to break the will of the people.

Once again, we pledge that in the new year, we will work to reveal Erdogan truth to the whole world, and we will expose the practices of this enemy.

We will raise the pace of the resistance and take steps that will achieve political gains, and our word and message will remain our goal to return to Afrin.



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