Shervin Nodem: Key to women’s freedom is hidden in Rojava Revolution

The Member of Jinology Academy, Shervin Nodem, said, “Rojava Revolution has greatly strengthened hopes for solving Middle East and world issues.” She added, “The key to freedom for all women is hidden in this revolution.”

With the outbreak of North and East Syria Revolution, many internationalists went to the region to learn about the escalating revolution in it, and to participate in this revolution.

Many of these people still reside in the region, while some of them have returned to their homelands in order to transmit their impressions of this struggle to the world.

Shervin Nodem, one of these internationalists, and a member of Jinology Academy in Rojava has lived in Rojava for 5 years in order to learn about the struggle of Jinology and the revolution of women in Rojava.

Regarding her impressions of Rojava Revolution, Shervin Nodem says, “The revolution began with small steps but with very high hopes. There are very big changes that have been achieved in Rojava in a short period, for the sake of all women and society in general.

Therefore, what is very necessary at every moment is to work to protect these acquisitions.

The structure of Rojava Revolution is strong

Shervin Nodem said that Rojava Revolution raised very high hopes among women who demand and struggle for freedom, as well as for democratic and revolutionary circles, and said in this regard, “There are similar examples of Rojava Revolution in the revolutions of the twenty-first century, where these revolutions always began out of high hopes, as women have always participated in the front lines of struggle and resistance against fascism and colonialism.

 Unfortunately, whenever a new regime was established after a revolution, this regime used to marginalize women and exclude them from the struggle for building, from decision-making mechanisms, as well as from politics.

 Building an alternative system to the state in all respects, thus strengthening and developing a participatory and pluralistic life, and enhancing trust in society will contribute greatly to rejecting and ending the state of hostility that states have instilled among peoples.”

The world’s women must derive resolve from women's activities in Rojava this year

This year, we will receive the 8th of March in Rojava by organizing large mass gatherings, and holding festivals and parades, but in many countries of the world this day will be celebrated only via the Internet, and events will be organized online as well. This is due to the circumstances related to the Corona pandemic.

This matter hinders highlighting the role of women in life and politics, as it defines and reduces this role, and I hope that all women in the world and in various countries will derive determination and strength from the scenes of marches and events that will be organized in Rojava, so that this will contribute to urge them to continue.

Whatever health measures imposed in the world are, politics should not be allowed to divide and separate people from each other because of health issues and diseases. I hope that we will deliver from Rojava a message to the women of the world stating, “As long as we are strong, nothing can hinder our common struggle.”

On March 8th, we congratulate free women’s ideology

She added, "The continued struggle and work here in Rojava cannot be expressed in just one day, or linked to one day only, but the day of March 8th becomes like a gathering of all the gains and results that appeared during a whole year for this day to become a tantamount to renewing the decision in order to start a new year of struggle.

We also congratulate this year the 23rd anniversary of the ideology of women's freedom. On the 8th of March 1998, the leader Ocalan dedicated the ideology of women's freedom to the women of the world, and on this basis Rojava Revolution developed, which called women from all over the world to go to Rojava in order to learn about this revolution, to know how this ideology expresses itself during daily life, its impact on strengthening the organization of women who pursue this ideology, and how this ideology developed.”

On defending and protecting the women's revolution, Shervin said: "During the past years, many important campaigns have been organized, whether by the women's movements working here or by the Kongra Star, and among these campaigns is the campaign “Women Defend Rojava” which continues to this day.

Women committees have also been formed in many countries of the world because everyone knows that Rojava Revolution means defending the hopes and dreams of the future, as well as defending the revolution that can establish a new life everywhere. Therefore, there must be support and assistance for this revolution.”

The key to the freedom of all women is hidden in this revolution

Throughout history, many revolutions have emerged with the leadership and vanguard of women, but those revolutions did not achieve victory, and the main reasons that led to their failure and that the leader Abdullah Ocalan talked about are that they were not based on women's freedom.

As for Rojava Revolution, it is still standing. On this issue, Shervin Nodem says that the key to the freedom of all women is hidden in this revolution, and she added, “Throughout history, many revolutions have emerged, spread rapidly in various parts of the world, and led to great changes in the world, and this matter applies to Rojava Revolution which has become the revolution of the twenty-first century, a revolution based on the foundations of the environment, democracy and the building of a participatory life based on women's freedom.”

We are strong by our solidarity

The ruling authoritarian regime is gathering its forces for the attack on north-east Syria, and about these attacks and threats, Shervin Nodem said, “This responsibility rests with all humanity.” She also added, “We must reinforce our unity and jointly confront these attacks. There are messages of support for the struggle of women from Afghanistan, Bologna and Bolivia, and if there are threats against the struggle and gains of women, we see that these are messages of women’s struggle solidarity. We know that we are strong in our solidarity, and when we feel the pain and suffering of another woman, this urges us to struggle and fight.”



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