Shiekhmos: Kurdish parties must unite to reach desired goal

Ramzi Shiekhmos said that Kurdish parties must unite because the threats and attacks of the Turkish state target all parties.

Ramzi Shiekhmos, the member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, spoke to our agency during a meeting with him.

In light of the threats of the Turkish state to all regions of Kurdistan, the Kurdish political parties and forces should hold a national conference as soon as possible, we are in the stage of existence or non-existence," he said.

Since the declaration of Democratic  Autonomous Administration, Turkey has been threatening the region, and the occupation of Afrin has been approved by all countries, led by Russia, by giving the green light of its occupation, and their goal was to protect their interests.

All Kurdish parties must have one opinion to confront this occupation and protect the gains and the Kurdish cause.

He added that they consider the parties that stand with the enemies of the Kurdish people treacherous parties, this does not mean party differences, this is a betrayal.

He pointed out that there are figures who will not be able to protect their cause "and do not represent their people or even their party, but at this time the unity of the Kurdish people is important for all parties to reach the desired goal.

He said that the role of the parties inside or outside the Autonomous Administration should be in protecting the gains of the Kurdish people.

Shiekhmos concluded by saying," the Kurdish people should hold the traitors accountable."



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