Shirawa women: "victory will be ours!"

Women in Shirawa district of Afrin canton renewed their struggle against the Turkish occupation army attacks saying that they will not back down from their demands for the liberation of Afrin.

Since the occupation of Afrin in March last year, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have continued shelling villages in Shirawa district of Afrin.

Afrin women have stepped up their struggle and resistance in the face of Turkish occupation mercenaries' attacks on villages in Shirawa district.

In this context, our agency ANHA surveyed the views of Afrin women in the border villages targeted by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in order to displace the people.

Amira Ibrahim, a resident of the village of Bashmra, said: "Three days ago, the Turkish occupation mercenary shells did not stop on our villages."

The mercenaries continue to shell the village, bringing the total number of shells to about 38 shells. We try to protect ourselves by resorting to the cave to protect our children, but we will not move away from our land, as women, we will struggle to protect our land," she added.

Almazah stressed their determination to protect their rights and the land occupied by mercenaries, and said that Afrin is part of Syrian territory and will return to its people.

Najla Khalil noted that as women, they will not give up their demands until the liberation of their homeland and return to it, and that "victory will be ours".



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