​​​​​​​Shler Committee condemns crimes against children

The Shler Committee for Children's Rights condemned the killing of a child by a soldier in the Turkish occupation army in Kafr, and the crime committed by a Syrian against children in Paris.

Today, the Shler Committee for Children's Rights issued a written statement on crimes committed against children.

The statement referred to the killing of the child Ardem Ashkan (5 years old) in Kafr district, and continued by saying: "The child Ardem Ashkan fell victim to an armored vehicle belonging to the Turkish occupation state and was brutally killed, while the killer was released after investigation. As long as killers are free, more children will be targeted".

The statement also mentioned that a number of children were stabbed in a park in Paris by a Syrian, and continued by saying: "A 31-year-old man of Syrian origin attacked a park where children were playing, which resulted in the injury of 4 children whose lives are now in danger.

It concluded by saying: "We condemn these attacks, and people who defend children's rights should not remain silent about these brutal attacks".



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