Shrapnel of Turkish occupation missiles paralyze her after it killed her sister

Shrapnel of missiles fired by the Turkish occupation army penetrated her body after her sister was killed and sustained permanent disability, the girl, Avrin Abdul Rahman, saw what she should not have seen, she said, "My sister’s head was torn off after we were shelled by the Turkish occupation missiles."


Afrin children were the biggest victims of the attack by the Turkish occupation army on Afrin on 20 January, using heavy and light weapons and aircraft, leaving thousands of martyrs and wounded civilians. Afrin children experienced days which details would not disappear from their imagination.

The six-year-old girl, Avrin Abdul Rahman Ali, lived on 17 March 2018 black night, after her house in al-Ashrafiyah neighborhood east of Afrin had been shelled.

Where a missile had hit Avrin house in al-Ashrafiyah neighborhood, her sister of 7 years old, Korgin had been martyred, as fragments of the missiles pierced her spine and became unable to walk, and her brother Munzer two fingers of his hands has been amputated.

That night they were all rushed to Avrin hospital, but as a result of their severe injuries and shelling of the hospital's facilities by the Turkish occupation army, the medical staff sent the wounded to Aleppo hospital for treatment, they stayed there for one month.

Because of Avrin’s critical condition, she came with her mother, grandmother and her little brother to al-Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood to receive physiotherapy every day there.

Avrin now needs a medical shoe, because her health is unstable, her veins will shrink to her leg and her leg will be distorted.

Her brother, Munzer, 4, is still suffering from the presence of shrapnel in his head and his body has not been healed.

Young Avrin still remembers that black day, she always says words about her sister Korgin. "My sister Korgin was torn off after we were bombed by Erdogan army, she rests now in the martyrs' shrine in Afrin."

"I will return to Afrin after its liberation from the mercenaries, to live in peace there," says Afrin.

"Avrin’s grandmother Jamila Majid said that Avrin was injured by shrapnel in her spine." That's why she cannot walk on her foot, even though she stays in the hospital for a whole month to receive treatment, and we are now in physical therapy sessions in the hope of walking back, "she said.

"Avrin has been deprived of education and playing like other children, and now she can only sit and watch what is happening around her."




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