Siege on Mexmûr camp threatens thousands of refugees

Human Rights Organization in Al-Jazeera region has warned from humanitarian catastrophe in the event of the continued siege imposed by Başûr government (south Kurdistan) on the camp of the martyr Rustom Judy in Mexmûr

The camp of the martyr Rustom Judy in Mexmûr has been suffering from severe besiege since 18 July, 2019, after killing of the Turkish Deputy Consul in Hawler on July 17 of the same year.

 The authorities prevented the refugees who are staying in the camp from entering and leaving it, including the sick and the workers.

In light of the spread of the Corona virus around the world, the People's Assembly in Rustom Judy in Mexmûr requested, in a letter dated 27 March, from the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, support and assistance to confront the Corona virus, due to the lack of medical materials, sterilizers and medical supplies such as masks and gloves.

The co-chair of the Human Rights Organization in the Al-Jazeera region, Aven Jumah, made it clear that, according to international laws for the protection of human rights, the camp supervisors in general should take care of the refugees there, and provide all necessary services to them, and stressed: "Imposing severe besiege on Mexmûr camp at the current stage is a great danger to the lives of those who live there. "

She explained that the refugees who are living in the camp asked for help from the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria, because they realize that their lives are in danger, amid the outbreak of the Corona virus, and called on the organizations concerned to undertake its duty towards the refugees, and to lift the siege on them and provide the necessary services to them.

According to the administration of the camp of the martyr Rustom Judy in Mexmûr, which is inhabited by 12,000 refugees, the United Nations has not provided aid and health care to the camp since 2015, although the camp is under the supervision of the United Nations High Commissioner.

Protecting one's health is one of the charters of human rights

Aven Jumah noted that the repressive practices of the Kurdistan Region authorities against the refugees of the martyr Rustom Judy camp are contrary to human rights, and a flagrant violation of international conventions, and said: "According to international laws to protect human rights, protecting one's health is one of the basic provisions for protecting human rights."

She called on all human rights organizations and the United Nations High Commissioner to work to break the siege on the camp, provide all necessary and necessary services, and introduce all medicines and medical supplies, to prevent the spread of the Corona virus epidemic in the camp



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