Signs of battle in de-escalation, Berlin summit calls for reining Turkey

Signs of a military operation by regime forces and Russia on  (de-escalation) zone is looming, while  Berlin summit sent messages to Turkey but came out with modest results, while Lebanon witnessed birth of a new government and  Iraq tension went onز

During the past week, international newspapers addressed the situation in the so-called de-escalation zone, in addition to the Turkish intervention in Libya, and the crisis in Lebanon and Iraq.

AL-BAYAN: Moscow supports military operation to eliminate Al-Nusra

The Arab newspapers published last week on the Syrian issue dealt with several topics, most notably the situation in Idlib.  In this context, Al-Bayan newspaper said: "While there is calm and caution on the ground, and cessation of the military operations by the Syrian army and its allies against the Syrian armed opposition in Idlib countryside and Aleppo "The joint (Russian-Syrian) aircrafts are raiding intensively on  the vicinity of the   international roads and strongholds of the armed."

According to eyewitnesses, Russian shelling has not stopped for a week, and joint aircraft have not calmed down in the skies of Idlib and Aleppo since collapse of the truce last week.

While there is absence of the  fate of the  regional and international understanding on Idlib i, informed sources revealed to Al-Bayan about Russian-Turkish consultations on resolving the fate of this city and its countryside, and working on ending  the conflict in that region.

A source said that the United States started consultations with the Turkish and Russian sides to reach a permanent ceasefire, with Russian insistence on continuing the military operation until the elimination of Jabhat al-Nusra and its dismantling and other terrorist organizations, while the United States is thinking of  half a solution guaranteeing a long-term truce , till a complete political solution.

Informed sources in the opposition confirmed that the United States don’t an entire control of Russia in the west of Euphrates , it works on strengthening the armed opposition so that the city will not fall under the control of the government forces, it noted to an American military support for the opposition for creating military balance.

Observers think that a new front in the conflict opened in Idlib between Russia and the West, Russian Defense Ministry spoke about strange weapons its source is NATO.

According to informed sources in Idlib, opposition got anti-armors Taw missiles. It noted that Washington is seeking to stop the Russian military operations. It is possible to supply opposition with more weapons.

As for the results of the 20 Summit about Libya, Aukaz newspaper said:" the international summit in Berlin stressed on the ceasefire, stopping the attacks on oil ports, limiting the weapons of the militias, stopping the external interventions, and adherence by ban of exporting weapons to Libya. The final draft statement contained four key points: respecting  the arms embargo, strengthening the agreed ceasefire  on 12 November in Moscow, returning to the political process, rejecting foreign interventions that turn the country's internal conflict into an international conflict, and pointing out that the summit or The conference does not aim at resolving the crisis, as UN envoy , Ghassan Salameh has pointed out, but it is preparing for a UN conference in Geneva before the end of the month.

But expectations for a solution that could come out of the summit remain modest, especially given the stubbornness of many parties, notably Turkey, whose president, Recep Erdogan, has threatened Europe with either protecting and supporting the Libyan Accord government ,headed by Fayez al-Sarraj or terrorism."

Middle East: Diab announces his government...movement receives it by blocking streets

 In the Lebanese affairs, Al Sharq Al Awset newspaper said "Lebanese President,Michel Aoun signed  yesterday evening a decree to form the government of President Hassan Diab, which included 20 ministers, including 6 women ministers, it  includes only one name from the previous government, Damianus Train, and the cabinet is holding its first sessions by the taking a of commemorative photographs.



While the popular movement welcomed the formation of the government with protests and banditry, Diab promised: «The government will work from the first day», «We are part of the Arab surrounding , and we will seek cooperation with everyone», pointing out that the first round of it in the event of gaining confidence: «will be for the Arab region, especially the Arabian Gulf. He said.

 Diab described his government as "the government of Lebanon", in response to its description as "the government of one color",  «It is a mini government, a government that separates the prosecution from the ministry, and the government of specialists, and also said: "It is the first government in the history of Lebanon where specifications meet to face the phase," and confirmed "It is a government that reflects the aspirations of the protesters, and will work to translate their demands for the recovery of looted funds, the fight against unemployment, and the development of a new electoral law."

 The political obstacles were removed 33 days after Diab was appointed, following an agreement to form a government that does not include a disabled third of  any  party', and the ministers named forces in  March 8 team,  it was boycotted by the Future Movement, the Lebanese Forces, and the Progressive Socialist Party.

In the first street reaction, protests in the center of Beirut renewed, centered around the Parliament, and roads were cut in Beirut, the North and Al- Bekaa, rejecting a government that protesters consider that it does not fulfil their demands."

Emirates Today: Street clashes between Iraqi police and demonstrators in Baghdad and cities of the south

In the  Iraqi affairs, Al Emirates  newspaper said today : "The Iraqi police clashed  yesterday in the streets with anti-government demonstrators, where they fired tear gas and rubber bullets in an attempt to disperse youths throwing stones at them, demanding reformation of the political system they consider as highly corrupt, and in the meantime, three Katyusha rockets landed in the vicinity of the U.S. Embassy in the heavily fortified Green Zone in central Baghdad.

 In detail, the wave of protests continued yesterday, in the capital and cities of southern Iraq, interspersed with clashes between demonstrators and the security forces at Mohammed al-Qasim Street in eastern Baghdad, during which the security forces fired tear gas and live bullets into the air to disperse the demonstrators.



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