Silence of regime arouses doubt about its agreement with Turkey

Saleh Muslim said that Russia and Iran are satisfying Turkey to attract it on their sides, and that the silence of the Syrian regime over the Turkish violations on the Syrian soil raises doubts about whether it has also made agreements with Turkey.

The spokesman for the Democratic Union Party Saleh Muslim made the remarks during an interview with our agency, Hawar news (ANHA), and talked about the efforts of the Turkish state to divide Syria. Muslim said that the construction of the wall is considered a barrier to the return of the people of Afrin to their homes."

'The goal is not only Afrin, but the north and east of Syria'

Muslim pointed out that the construction of the wall in Afrin is a plan that comes within the framework of the Turkish scheme to occupy the region, and added that "the occupation of Afrin and the construction of the separation wall are contrary to the international laws and norms, and the occupying countries are not entitled to make such change in the areas occupied by them. Turkey's goals to put this wall is very clear. The Turkish occupation state seeks through these practices to expand its borders and restore the Ottoman Empire. The construction of the wall is one of the measures that falls within this framework, and Turkey is trying to block the return of the people of Afrin. There is no doubt that the goal is not only Afrin, but the target is the rest areas of northern and eastern Syria.

Russia and Iran make concessions to Turkey

Muslim has touched upon the silence of the countries of the world regarding the practices of the Turkish occupation state, "This silence is the result of their policies based on common interests. Russia and Iran make many concessions to Turkey on the subject of building the partition wall, and they seek through these concessions to drag Turkey to their side. Russia pursues a utilitarian policy, and has been able to drag Turkey into its lap. This opens the way for the Turkish occupation state to continue its practices, but Turkey cannot be forgiven for its crimes against the Kurdish people in Afrin and Syria."

'Possibilities of the regime collusion with Turkey'

He said, "The Syrian regime is no longer the decision maker, all decisions are made by Iran and Russia, and the Syrian regime has no opinion on what is happening on its soil. Even Russia and Iran shared the ports of Lattakia and Tartous. Even on the subject of the occupation of Afrin, the Syrian regime took the attitude of indifference, and did not defend its land. This is a big shortcoming that cannot be accepted. The Turkish state not only occupies Afrin but also seeks to change the demographics of the region. It is now seeking, through the construction of the wall, to divide it. Therefore, the silence of the Syrian regime towards the practices of the Turkish state raises doubts about whether the Syrian regime has agreed with the Turkish occupation."

'Building the wall is considered a barrier to the return of the people of Afrin'

He noted that Turkey was seeking to occupy the rest of northern and eastern of Syria and change the demographics of the region, but failed to do so. Therefore, it is now seeking to build the partition wall in Afrin. "Turkey knows that the people of Afrin will continue the resistance in order to return to their homes, so it hastened to build the partition wall before Afrin would be liberated," said Muslim. He added, "Turkey's situation is like a thief who was revealed by the owner of the house, and seeks to finish stealing it as soon as possible. But to learn Turkey seriously that Afrin will return to its people. The walls that are being built will be removed. There are preparations at all levels to restore Afrin."



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