Since 1972, Turkey has been cutting off Syrian territories, regime remains silent

The residents of Qamishlo have expressed that the Turkish occupation has been cutting off Syrian territories since 1972 so far. The Syrian authorities still remain silent against these violations. They also pointed out that Turkey is now trying to separate Afrin from Syria.

In a series of violations by the Turkish occupation against the Syrian people in general and the children of Afrin in particular, Turkey began a week ago to build a 70-kilometer wall in the vicinity of the city of Afrin, occupied on 18 March 2018, in public and in front of the Syrian regime, in an attempt to cut off Afrin from the Syrian territory similar to what had happened in Iskenderun.

The construction of the wall by the Turkish occupation is not a new step. The Turkish occupation has cut off large parts of the Syrian territory on the border strip and built a separation wall between the northern and eastern regions of Syria and the cities of Bakur Kurdistan (North Kurdistan) whose length reached more than 800 km. As the Turkish violations have not stopped against the people of the region since the beginning of the revolution of July 19th, 2012; targeting farmers and residents and preventing the farmers from plowing and cultivating their agricultural lands on the border.

They killed her only son

Siham Rahi is a resident of the city of Qamishlo, whose house is located near the border strip separating between the city of Qamishlo and the city of Nisibin in Bakur Kurdistan, and her 13-year-old child was killed by Turkish occupation army five years ago near his house adjacent to the border. "Turkey has been building a wall for three years between us and our people in Nisibin, and no organization has moved any more, and today, it has gone further and is building a wall to cut Afrin from Kurdistan."

For the fourth time, Turkey cuts off the territory of Syria

Ibrahim Haidar, a resident of al-Gharbi neighborhood in the town of Qamishlo, whose house is located near the border between the city and the city of Nisibin, pointed out that this is the fourth time that Turkey has taken the territory of Syria and annexed it to Turkey since 1972. He pointed with his hand to some trees behind the concrete wall built by the occupation in 2016 and said, "In 1972, we used to play under these trees."

Ibrahim Haidar pointed out that the Syrian authorities since 1972 and so far have not moved in front of the Turkish violations, and demanded the Kurdish people to hold uprising against the Turkish violations. He said, "Previously, they have divided Kurdistan into 4 parts and now are trying to divide it into 24 parts."



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