Since first moment, they rushed for helping people

The medical staff in Tel Hamis district, with the support of the Kurdish Red Crescent, has been keeping up with the people affected by the floods that swept the area for 24 hours, in addition to seeing and examining the patients, providing them with medicines and first aid.

The medical staff tours in all the centers provided by the Emergency Committee and the People's Municipality in Tel Hamis to provide support and health care to those affected by the floods that swept through Tel Hamis district and the villages of its towns, Abu Jaran, Jaza'a, Okaz and Tel Ahmad in addition to providing all medicines, first aid and examination for the patients.

Dr. Hani Hamandi and the administrator of the Health Committee in Tel Hamis explained: "At the first moment and in cooperation with the Kurdish Red Crescent, we began to cover the events and the pathological cases that were present in the shelters, and we covered all diseases and all cases of disease.

And Hamandi made clear the absence of any deaths among those affected in the shelters because of the floods, and said: "We covered the births and that did not require hospitals, and the cases that required a hospital, we were able to treat them in the dispensary," and he thanked the Kurdish Red Crescent for the assistance they gave them.

Hani Hamandi explained: "We will continue to monitor the health situation of those affected and be present in the rural areas to treat and help the people."



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