Sisi presides NDC meeting and postpones army's mandate session until tomorrow

Today, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi presided over the meeting of the National Defense Council, and discussed political, security and military situations on all strategic directions, within the framework of the current challenges, while the Parliament decided to postpone the session to authorize the army’s intervention in Libya until tomorrow.

The meeting was attended by the Speaker of Parliament, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense and Military Production, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, the Chief of General Intelligence, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Finance, and Interior, the Chief of the Naval Forces, the Commander of the Air Force, and the head of the Operations Authority The Armed Forces and Director of the Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance Department, in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Council.

The Spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic stated that President Al-Sisi briefed the members on the developments of the Renaissance Dam file and the current tripartite negotiating track, and the efforts to develop a comprehensive agreement that meets the aspirations and demands of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia to develop and maintain water rights in a fair and balanced manner.

The Council also discussed developments in Libya on the western strategic direction, in light of Egypt's endeavor to stabilize the current field situation and not to cross the declared lines, with the aim of bringing peace between all the parties and the Libyan parties.

In turn, the member of the Egyptian Parliament, Mustafa Bakry, reported that the parliament session that was scheduled today was postponed to consider the mandate of the army’s intervention in Libya until tomorrow.

Bakri added: "The House of Representatives decides to postpone the mandate session for the President of the Republic, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces to intervene and confront the forces of terrorism in Libya in defense of national security in the event of a threat to the Sirte Al-Jafra line to tomorrow's session and demands that the session be held in secret."

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