Sit-in in Aleppo to condemn conspiracy against Ocalan

Under the slogan "With Will and Resistance, We Will Break the International Conspiracy and Liberate the Leader Abdullah Ocalan," the Democratic Union Party (PYD) erected the sit-in tent in Aleppo city to denounce the international conspiracy that targeted the leader Ocalan.


In conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan's arrest that accompanied an international conspiracy that targeted him, PYD organized a sit-in denouncing the conspiracy in al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo city.

Hundreds of participants gathered at the Seven Martyrs Square in the eastern section of the neighborhood where the sit-in was set up.

The pictures of the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan in addition to the pictures of the struggler Leyla Guven and the flags of PYD were hung in the tent.

The members of the Martyrs' Families Council, the Martyr Gulhat Commune, the Reconciliation Committee, the Social Justice Divan, the Yazidi House, the Religions Forum, the Democratic Society Education Committee, al-Ashrafiyyah Council and the Society Protection Units (HPC) and the People's Municipality participated in the sit-in tent in the first day.

During the tent's activities, the member of the General Council of PYD Issa Mostafa delivered a speech saying, "To carry out the revolution, the objective and subjective circumstances must be mature, and the success of the revolution must include several conditions, the most important of which are the approach, the thought and the free ideology. The Kurdish people found these qualities in the personality the leader Abdullah Ocalan."

Issa Mostafa added that Ocalan's projects were against the colonial thesis in the Middle East so he was targeted, and captured with the help of the local reactionary.

Issa Mostafa assured in the conclusion of his speech that as PYD, they will consolidate their belief to reach safety and achieve Ocalan's freedom.

On behalf of the Martyrs' Families Council, the co-chair of the council Aytan Resho delivered a speech in which she saluted the resistance of Leyla Guven and her comrades in the Turkish state's prisons who went and still are on hunger strike.

Aytan Resho pledged to follow in the footsteps of Leyla Guvan and her comrades until the isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan is lifted.

The co-chair of the Martyr Gulhat Commune Sakina Jerges condemned the conspiracy that targeted the leader Ocalan and said, "The leader is still held in his intensive isolation and they prevent him to meet his family and lawyers so we confirm to follow the martyrs' footsteps to achieve their goals towards freedom and democracy and until the dictatorial regimes that conspired against the leader Abdullah Ocalan are fallen."

After the speeches, some of the participants delivered poems in Arabic and Kurdish about the leader Ocalan.

Furthermore, the sit-in tents will last for two days successively with the participation of the people of al-Ashrafiyyah and al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhoods.



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