​​​​​​​Skirmishes between US, Russian forces at entrance of Tal Tamr

Skirmishes occurred between the American and Russian forces at the entrance to Tal Tamr district, al-Hasakah canton, on Al-Jazeera region, On Saturday morning.

American and Russian military vehicles gathered at the entrance to Tal Tamr district and skirmishes took place between the forces of the two countries.

After the skirmishes, the Russian vehicles headed to Qamishlo district via the international road M4, while the American forces headed towards the road leading to al-Hasakah city.

About half an hour later, two Russian helicopters flew over Tal- Tamr in parallel with the flight of American warplanes.

At the crossroads of Tal-Tamr, 3 Russian vehicles were stopped facing an American vehicle.

After that, the Russian carts headed to the Russian point at the Tel Tamr cows farm.

The helicopter flight of the Russian army continues over Tal-Tamr while the American vehicles continue to stop at the side junction.

About a week ago, skirmishes occurred between the Russian and American forces in Çil Agha district, Girkê Legê district, in the island region, but the mediation of the Syrian Democratic Forces prevented the aggravation of the US-Russian dispute.

On more than one occasion during the Syrian crisis, the American and Russian leaders affirmed the presence of a hotline to prevent collisions in Syria, amid warnings of the possibility of clashes between Russian and American forces in the Syrian arena.



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