SOHR : death toll of Syrian mercenaries in Karabakh rises

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has revealed that Syrian mercenaries that being transferred by Turkey to Karabakh are being inflicted with heavy losses on daily bases, where a new batch of their bodies has arrived at the northern countryside of Aleppo, while 14 mercenaries were killed in the last hours. 

The SOHR said that a new batch of 20 bodies of mercenaries that were killed in Karabakh, arrived at northern Aleppo that is occupied by Turkey. 

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had said :'' the process of transferring by Turkey of Syrian mercenaries is ongoing, where the total number of those being transferred to Azerbaijan to participate in the Karabakh battles by now reaches to no less than 2350 mercenaries, of whom 320 returned after they renounced everything''.   

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Syrian mercenaries suffer from humanitarian losses constantly, where 14 ones were killed in the last hours.

Since the end of last September, no less than 231 Syrian mercenaries backed by Turkey were killed in the ongoing battles in Karabakh, of which 183 bodies were transferred to Syria, while the remaining bodies are still in Azerbaijan, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the SOHR.   

On September 27th, clashes erupted between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and though three ceasefire agreements were concluded, the war is still going on, due to Turkish incitement and it's transferring of Syrian mercenaries to fight on the side of Azerbaijan.



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