SOHR: ISIS launches a violent attack on Syrian gov forces in Sukhnah desert

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that ISIS launched an attack on the positions of the Syrian government forces in Al-Sukhnah area in Badia, and confirmed thirty people of both sides have been killed, and pointed to the participation of Russian aviation in repelling the attack.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) pointed out that violent clashes are taking place in Al-Sukhna desert, in the eastern countryside of Homs, between the Syrian government forces and ISIS mercenaries after the latter launched a violent attack on the area, amid mutual shelling between the two sides.

He pointed out that the Russian aviation participated in repelling the attack, and carried out raids on the battle axes and other sites in Badia.

The observatory documented the death of 18 Syrian government forces and 11 ISIS mercenaries, confirming that more people were killed and wounded on both sides.

ISIS operates in the Syrian Badia (west of the Euphrates River) after the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) demolished ISIS geographically east of the Euphrates River, in March 23 of last year.

Since that time, the observatory has documented the killing of at least 400 members of the Syrian government forces, as well as civilians in separate and sudden attacks by ISIS mercenaries in the region, while at the same time, at least 135 ISIS mercenaries were killed.


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