SOHR: Members of Daesh fled prison of Turkish mercenaries

In light of the inability of mercenaries in the Idlib, Hama and Northern Aleppo areas to control security in their areas of control in the northern suburbs of Aleppo, a number of mercenaries of Daesh were able to escape from a prison in the Turkish-occupied town of al-Rai.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights(SOHR), said that seven prisoners belonging to mercenaries managed to escape from a prison of the Turkish-backed military police in the town of al-Rai in the northern suburb of Aleppo.

SOHR explained that after the escape of mercenaries  Ahrar al-Sherqiya managed to kill two of them and arrest others.

No mention was made of how the mercenaries escaped, but it indicates the magnitude of the disruptions experienced by the areas under Turkish occupation.



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