SOHR refuted Turkish allegations: al-Bab bombing carried out by al-Hamzat gang Backed-Turkey

 The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights lied to the Turkish allegations about al-Bab bombing yesterday, He said the bomber joined ISIS and then mercenaries al-Hamzat, backed by Turkey, before leaving it

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, from reliable sources, obtained information revealing the identity of the bomber who targeted the city of al-Bab yesterday, which resulted in killing of 19, including at least 13 civilians.

According to information obtained by the Syrian Observatory, the bomber nicknamed (A,Y) he is from the village of Jeblat al-Hamra, which belongs to the eastern countryside of al-Bab.

Reliable sources said: "The bomber was formerly in the ranks of ISIS, and fought in its ranks in the battles of Manbij and al-Bab." After Turkey occupied al-Bab area, he joined the mercenaries of al-Hamzat gang, which is part of the so-called Syrian National Army mercenaries, before he also leaves it.

The observatory noted that he was arrested yesterday.

Turkey has accused YPG of being behind the bombing in an attempt to disort the image of these forces, although many bombings are taking place in areas under domination of the Turkish occupation, where their mercenary gangs fight each other due to looting.



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