"Some parties fabricate of the media; clans should prefer the public interest."

The notable of al-Akkidat clan has explained that irrefutable evidence shows several parties are responsible to spread fabricated media about what is happening in Deir-ez-Zor now? trying to destabilize the security and stability of the region to achieve their ambitions, calling on the tribes of the region to prefer public interest over all interests.

Normal life has returned to the eastern countryside of Deir-ez-Zor city, after launching SDF campaign to comb the area, and arrest some of the mercenaries are affiliated to external parties, where the area witnessed chaos and trouble security, and to commit assassinations against Sheikhs and Arab clans' notable, but many parties are internal and external trying to spread sow discord between the people of the area and its clans, so the military forces have interfered to keep of the security in the area.   

In this context, and to talk about what is going on in the region, and what those who support are aiming at igniting discord and chaos, one of notable of al-Shuhail from al-Akkidat tribe, Khalif al-Shaer, said, "They do not want stability in the region."

External parties are trying to undermine the security of the region and its people

Al-Shaer indicated at the beginning of his speech that the events that the town of al-Shuhail witnessed in recent days were fabricated by many parties, internal and external, and aimed at stoking sedition and destabilizing the security and stability of the region.

Exploiting events in the media to reach personal interests

He noted, "There was a great media exaggeration by several parties, whereby each side worked to exploit the events that took place in the region for its own benefit, and each of them was working to inflame and exaggerate the situation in order to exploit the events and reach their ambitions."

Adding: "Those who are far from the area are not like those in it, they do not know the truth on the ground.

He indicated that they should think about the security and stability of the region, and place it among the public interests that they must protect from external parties that try to destabilize the security and stability of it and ignite discord among its people.

And he indicated, "They must work to consolidate love and peace among the people of the region, and to consolidate coexistence under the roof peoples' fraternity, and equality between all components in the region."

Foreign parties should not interfere in the affairs of the region and stop their media war

Regarding what the political and military parties are talking about abroad, al-Shaer replied, saying, "What matters to us is the people of the region and its people, and that security and stability prevail in northern and eastern Syria as a whole," stressing that they will stand in the face of all parties that try to undermine the security of the region.

In the conclusion of his speech to Hawar news agency ANHA, he called on the external parties that interfere in the affairs of the region not to intervene and stop the media war against them and to stop their hands from the security and stability of the region, because it affects the people of the region and its people.



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