Soon… opening a library of 1,000 books

In order to encourage reading and the dissemination of the culture of reading and skills development, especially among young people, the Culture and Art Committee in al-Hasakah canton is to open a library that includes a thousand books.

The Culture and Art Committee in al-Hasakah canton is preparing to open a library with the aim of spreading and reviving the culture of reading in the region, especially among young people, whose readership has declined after the development and spread of technology.

The idea despite its simplicity of implementation was met with a significant turnaround by institutions, as they contribute to the process of developing knowledge and raising the culture of the community and encourage return to reading and self-education.

 The library currently contains 300 books in both Kurdish and Arabic languages, including books of research, literature, stories of fighters, poetry, novels, memoirs, legends and books, books on women and books by Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The library will then be expanded to open a library of nearly 1,000 books in all languages ​​and different types.

Administrator in the Culture and Art Committee, Afaf Hasaki noted that, "The idea came in response to the lack of reading and lack of interest in books, so we want to create a generation that depends on itself in education and reading, while at the same time creating an innovative and constructive generation."

Afaf pointed out that a readers' park is planned to open in al-Hasakah to provide the potential for book lovers and readers who do not have the means to buy books.

"All of us today need to read to create new ideas and knowledge, and to educate ourselves, so we always strive to offer all possibilities to book lovers and those who neglect them, to restore the culture of reading books to our regions," Afaf Hasaki said.


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