Source: 16 Damascus forces’ soldiers killed, 3 others wounded by Turkish shelling on Jarqali hill

A source of ANHA’s agency claimed that 16 soldiers of the Damascus government forces were killed and 3 others were seriously wounded in the aerial bombardment carried out by warplanes of the Turkish occupation, targeting a position of the forces in the hill of Jarqali village in the western countryside of Kobani.

According to ANHA’s correspondent, citing a source who preferred to be anonymous, 16 of the 19 members of the Damascus government forces stationed on the hill were killed, while 3 others were severely wounded.

Our correspondent had reported earlier today, Tuesday, that a bombing by warplanes was carried out by the Turkish occupation on a hill near the village of Jarqli, west of Kobani canton on the border between Syria and Turkey.

No official body confirmed or denied this news until the moment of preparing the news.

The Turkish occupation bombed from its military bases this morning, a number of neighborhoods of the city of Kobani and villages in its western and eastern countryside, which resulted in the martyrdom of a child and the injury of 4 others.



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