Sources: anticipated military operation to protect Aleppo city center

According to sources close to some regime forces’ officers on preparations of the command of the northern region of Aleppo, the regime will start a military campaign west of the city.

Sources close to the regime forces told Hawar news agency that the regime was preparing a military operation in the axis of Jamiyat al-Zahra and Rashideen, two neighborhoods in direct contact with the regime forces.

The sources noted that the operation will involve 1,500 members of Iranian militias and elements of the regime forces and the aim of keeping the danger away from the center of the city of Aleppo, after the city center has been under bombing since two months.

Among the vital places that have been bombed since that time is the Municipal Palace, Jamiliya and Muhafaza districts.

The sources pointed out that the elements of the regime forces addressed the mercenaries in the axis of Jamiyat Zahra through loudspeakers to surrender themselves to the regime forces to avoid killing them, in addition to recalling what happened in Khan Sheikhoun with mercenaries of human and physical losses.


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