Sources: ''Constitutional Committee'' discusses so-called Adana Agreement

Special sources revealed to ANHA that the fifth round of the of the so-called Constitutional Committee meetings discussed the so-called Adana Agreement signed between the Syrian Government and the Turkish Occupation, as clear beach to the agendas.  

Yesterday, the Fifth Round of the so-called the Constitutional Committee meeting kicked off between representatives of the Syrian Government and groups affiliated to Turkey, in Geneva, as real representatives of the Syrian people continue to be excluded.

The so-called negotiating body indicated that it is scheduled for this round to last until January 29th, by holding two sessions, conducted by Geir Pederson UN special envoy to Syria.   

Special sources, on constant contact with attendees, confirmed to ANHA that participants in the second round of the first day discussed the so-called Adana Agreement that was signed between the Syrian Government and the Turkish Occupation in 1998, indicating that it was first put into discussion by the so-called negotiating body predominated by Turkey. 

The sources in question made clear that discussion regarding Adana Agreement went on after that whether it is a treaty or an agreement, as a clear breach to what is be revealed to the Syrian people on discussions regarding constitution, freedom, citizenship and rights !

The Adana Agreement was signed in 1998 between the Syrian Government and Ankara to encounter the Kurdish people in Syria, as they are considered ''terrorists'' as the agreement was signed under Turkish threats to invade Syria.

The sources indicated that the so-called delegation of the ''Civil Society'' made propositions on Pan-Arabism as a linking factor for the national identity, as a clear exclusion of all Non-Arab peoples of Syria.



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