Sources from Afrin... A citizen loses his life at occupation prison; kidnappings of civilians continue

A citizen lost his life in a prison of the Turkish occupation in the occupied canton of Afrin, while sources from Afrin told Hawar News that Turkish intelligence, in coordination with the mercenaries of the military police, kidnapped a number of civilians.

The sources indicated that on July 9 this year, Turkish intelligence and military police mercenaries kidnapped eight citizens from the village of Ma'amla, located between the Raju and Mabata districts of the occupied Afrin canton.

The citizens are “Ibrahim Girtih 65 years old, Ali Muhammad known as Ali Ali Kour 68 years old, Mustafa Khalil Ibrahim Othman 25 years old, Haji Girtih, Fawzi Sabri Aliko, Muhannad Adnan Bakun, Batal Jafar Batal, Mustafa Othman Kurdi.”

According to the sources, Ibrahim Girteh, 65, died under torture in one of the headquarters of the Turkish Intelligence in the district of Mobata, one day after his abduction.

The same sources indicated that the Turkish Intelligence released the citizen, Ali Muhammad, known as "Ali Kour", a day after his abduction, and noted that the fate of the remaining kidnappers remains unknown.

In the same context, local sources from Bulbul district in the occupied canton of Afrin noted that the mercenaries of the military police kidnapped the 21-year-old citizen, Mustafa Muhammad Qanbar, from the village of Quragul in Bulbul district, on the 20th of this month, during his first aid to the Afrin Hospital, where he was kidnapped at one of checkpoints of the military police mercenaries under the pretext of dealing with the Autonomous Administration institutions, and his fate remains unknown.


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