Sources: Pentagon prepared plan to respond to Iran

Sources revealed that Pentagon officials received orders to prepare a "partial response" plan against Iran, At a meeting in the White House, on Monday, in response to the targeting of two factories of Saudi Aramco oil company.

The sources learnt with the file, told CNN that the White House is waiting for a decision from the leaders of Saudi Arabia on the nature of the response, before moving forward.

As for the timing, the sources said that the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, arrived mostly in Saudi Arabia, on Tuesday evening, to communicate with Saudi leaders, no step will be taken until Pompeo returns to Washington, where a meeting of US President Donald Trump's national security team will be held.

For its part, the Saudi Ministry of Defense announced that it will hold a press conference, on Wednesday, to announce the results of investigations into the attack that targeted two plants of Saudi Aramco oil company in the areas of Abqaiq and Khurais.



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