Sources to ANNA: Indications to resume military escalation between Gaza, Israel

Signs of escalation between Israel and the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip returned to the square after a long wave of calm, as the launching of incendiary balloons - a means of escalation - was resumed at the Israeli settlements near the Strip. While observers indicate that this may lead to a military escalation between the two parties, in the coming days.

Once again, the launch of incendiary balloons from the Gaza Strip towards southern Israel continues for the third day in a row, and at the same time, sources from the Palestinian factions indicate to Hawar news agency (ANHA) that there is a possibility of the resumption of the policy of "dropping missiles" by the Palestinian factions on the nearby Israeli settlements.

The incendiary and booby-trapped balloons launched by groups from Gaza caused large fires over the course of three days and at varying times in Israeli settlements, and as a result, the Israeli army responded by bombing militia sites in Gaza.

The same sources stated to our agency that "the decision to return to the field escalation with Israel was made with the agreement of the Palestinian factions, without announcing, in order to move the truce file with Israel and force it to implement the conditions that were put forward through mediators: Egypt, Qatar, the United Nations between Israel and the factions in Gaza." ".

Observers also point out that the decision to return to the escalation came after the factions realized that Israel had guaranteed calm on the borders, without providing the entitlement for this calm to the Gaza Strip, which are the conditions that were agreed upon.

Likewise, the factions believe that there is a need to achieve progress in the prisoner exchange negotiations or in easing the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip for 14 years, which is what Israel is trying to evade, as it puts it.

Political analysts estimate that the incendiary and booby-trapped balloons would lead Israel and the Palestinian factions in Gaza to a limited military escalation, which would be a gateway to moving the truce file back into between them.

In April 2019, the Palestinian factions reached understandings with Israel.

According to reports about it, they include projects for the reconstruction of the sector, renewing the infrastructure for the water, electricity and sanitation sectors, and reducing the level of unemployment, but these understandings did not come into effect, while the calm prevailed by their actions on the borders for a long time.

The Israeli Security Minister, Benny Gantz, commented on the army’s targeting of sites in Gaza on Thursday night, saying: “Israel will not accept any breach of its sovereignty or harm to the residents of the south.

In Gaza, they must understand that no solution but to return the children (the captured soldiers in Gaza) and calm will lead to economic prosperity in the Strip. "



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