Sources: Turkey's mercenaries turned mosque into women's torture camp

Sources from the occupied canton of Afrin reported that al-Samarqend mercenaries of the Turkish occupation converted a mosque in Mobata district into a detention center and a prison for torturing women.

The source confirmed to Hawar news agency that the mercenaries of the so-called Liwa al-Samarqend of the Turkish occupation have converted the mosque of Rota village of Mobata district in the occupied Afrin into a prison specialized for torturing women.

The source pointed out that the mercenaries are arresting women in Mobata district and the villages of Janders and Shiah districts on charges of dealing with the Autonomous Administration’s institutions previously.

According to the source, the arrested women are subjected to various types of physical and psychological torture by "al-Samarqend" mercenaries of the Turkish Intelligence.


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