Sources: Turkish forces pull out from al-Wattia base, after heavy losses

Libyan sources reported the withdrawal of Turkish forces from al-Wattia base after receiving heavy losses, and Ankara's acknowledgment of the destruction of a Turkish air defense system.

Al Arabiya Network quoted Libyan sources as saying, "After the Libyan army confirmed that the Turkish forces suffered great losses, as a result of the strike targeting al-Wattia base, and Ankara's decision to destroy a Turkish air defense system, a large number of Turkish forces left the air base located 140 km southwest of Tripoli. "

This was the director of the Counselling Department in the Libyan National Army, Brigadier Khaled al- Mahjoub, announced on Sunday evening that other similar strikes will be carried out soon on the base, and said: "We are in a real war with Turkey, which has oil ambitions in Libya."

He also revealed that Turkish radars and defense systems were bombed in al-Wattia, adding that the raids also targeted a military convoy was on his way to the oil Crescent region, stressing that Turkey's losses in military equipment were significant, and pointed out that the strike on al-Wattia base was painful to Turkey, after it had bombed The base has 9 strikes.

This came after a high-ranking Turkish official, who did not want to be named, confirmed the shelling and material losses, but without indicating any injuries.

It is reported that since the signing of the security and military memorandum of understanding between Tripoli and Ankara at the end of last year, Turkish military activity and presence in Libya has increased.

Accord government, backed by Ankara, regained the strategic "al-Wattia" air base near the Tunisian border last May, after being surrounded for two months and targeted by heavy air strikes.



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