Sources: Turkish occupation settles Afghan families in occupied Girê Spi

A local source from the occupied canton of Girê Spi reported that the Turkish occupation has settled Afghan families in the occupied canton.

According to the source, buses of the Aghan families entered through the illegal crossings linking Turkey with the occupied canton of Girê Spi, and that they were settled in the homes of the displaced civilians.

The source pointed out that a number of other displaced civilians' homes are being prepared to receiveg other batches of Afghan families fleeing from the recently tense security situation after the hardline Taliban movement advanced at the expense of government forces after the announcement of the start of the withdrawal of US forces from their military bases in Afghanistan recently.

The Turkish occupation state is working to change the demography of the occupied canton by settling mercenary families in the homes of displaced civilians, and following the policy of Turkification through school curricula, as ANHA documented that more than 1,000 male and female teachers from the canton underwent Turkish language courses at Ahmed School Yassin, which was recently opened under Turkish supervision and Pakistani support.




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