​​​​​​​Sources: US forces entered occupied city of A'azaz

Local sources from occupied areas reported that US forces, with armored vehicles carrying American flags, entered the occupied city of A'azaz in northern countryside of Aleppo Governorate.

US forces were accompanied by Turkish intelligence and "special forces" of Turkish occupation army, according to same sources.

American forces entered A'azaz through Bab al-Salama border gate with Turkey in the city of A'azaz, in the hours after midnight on Tuesday.

The sources indicated that drones and helicopters of international coalition escorted the military force that entered Syrian territories, and Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries were on full alert.

The sources indicated that US forces headed towards the largest bases of Turkish occupation on the vicinity of occupied city of A'azaz, without mentioning the reasons for the forces entering the area.

In parallel, a Russian drone hovered over Shahba Canton and the areas under the control of Damascus government near A'azaz.

Those sources did not mention that American forces left Azaz.



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