Speakers in al-Shahba assert steadfastness, ensure creation of democratic, free nation

The speakers at the March 8 event in al-Shahba canton stressed that in the spirit of the Resistance to the Age, they will escalate the struggle and move forward towards the liberation of Afrin from the Turkish occupation, and that they will break the restrictions of Imrali and create a democratic nation in Syria and the whole of the Middle East.


The celebration of the women of the Afrin region has been held in the village of Maarata in al-Ahdath district in al-Shahba canton, under the slogan "Layla Guven's vanguard will increase the pace of resistance and live free with the leader." On arrival of the participants to the square of celebration, they stood a minute of silence followed by a speech on behalf of the Kongra Star in Afrin, Thuria Mustafa.

"We bless this holy day to the families of martyrs, women who love peace and who are fighting on the front lines of fighting against terrorism in Syrian territory to protect the entire world," she said.

"The leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, says that the women who fight are free and those who are free will be loving and beautiful. Here lies the beauty and the truth of women's freedom. Therefore, the anti-women's groups arrested Ocalan who wanted to exterminate women's freedom and existence at all levels and fields, Ocalan bet he was fully confident of the free will of women."

"We, as women, pledge that we will not give up and no one will be able to break our will and we will remain in the squares until freedom is achieved for all peoples and a democratic society is created in the spirit of Resistance of the Age. We will escalate the struggle and liberate Afrin from the Turkish occupation, and together with the strength of the people, we will break the restrictions from Imrali prison.

Then on behalf of the Women's Coordination in North-East Syria, Jihan Khadro, made a speech noting to the steadfastness and resistance of Afrin residents in al-Shahba during the second phase of the Resistance of the Age. She praised the role of women in resistance and that they are the holy school no matter how many difficulties and pressures they experience.

"There is no doubt that women, who are considered the most oppressed in society, have not surrendered, and the resistance of women throughout history has created many changes in the historical path," she said.

Cihan ended her speech by congratulating the women of the Resistance of the Age and the ghosts on this great day and stressed the continuation of the struggle until reaching the freedom of women and proceed with the will of the fighter Leila Guven and her resistance to break all restrictions.

The celebration continues with artistic presentations by the Golden Crescent Movement.


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