Special Forces got out dozens of civilians from al-Baguz

The Special Forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) got out dozens of civilians and IS mercenaries' families from al-Baguz area after the strong clashes renewed and lasted for one day.


The Special Forces of SDF continue their accurate task with the aim of exiting whoever stuck in the areas dominated by IS mercenaries as the civilians are prevented to exit to be used a human shields.

To preserve the civilians' safety, one of the commanders of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign Adnan Afrin made clear that they sent special units to rescue the civilians and transfer them from the contact lines to the safe areas. He assured that those teams managed through several special missions in the depth of the area dominated by IS mercenaries to exit thousands of civilians and the mercenaries' families on Friday. 

The Special Forces managed on Frida to exit the civilians and some IS mercenaries on three batches and transferred them by 36 medium trucks after clashes erupted with the mercenaries and that lasted for one day and accompanied by a cautious calm. 

In a relevant context, those forces entered 22 huge trucks through their roads to al-Baguz village to exit whoever remained amid intermittent clashes inside al-Baguz.

A special source from al-Baguz pointed out to our reporters that the mercenaries are still holding a big number of civilians inside the area controlled by them and encircled by SDF.

It is worth mentioning that SDF's Special Forces liberated between 2,000 and 3,000 civilians among them the mercenaries' families two days ago according to what the directorate of SDF's Media Center stated.



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