Special Units capture 19 mercenaries in Deir –ez- Zor

Anti- Terror Units have captured 19 ISIS mercenaries and seized amounts of weapons in Deir- ez- Zor countryside.

On Monday, The Media Center of the People's Protection Units YPG has published a statement to the public opinion, saying they have captured 19 mercenaries belonging to ISIS cells, who are deployed in Deir-ez-Zor countryside.

The statement clarified that this comes after combing operation conducted by the Anti- Terror Units in coordination with the International Coalition Forces in the Dashisha and Suwar towns, in the countryside of Deir- ez- Zor.

According to statement, the operation was conducted on October 10th, where amounts of weapons were seized by the Anti-Terror Units, such as: 

12.5 "Dushka weapon, two launchers (RPG), a Kalashnikov, an M16 weapon, a sniper weapon, a BKC weapon, 3 grenades and a quantity of ammunition."



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