SPF are one of pillars of security system in al-Raqqa

Society Protection Forces (SPF) are considered the basic pillar of the security system in al-Raqqa city, so large numbers of the people in the area had joined to the ranks of the forces to protect their areas, which have been liberated for more than a year a half.

January 4, 2018 was the first date of forming the first group of the Society Protection Forces, after the establishment of neighborhoods' councils and Peoples' Homes to undertake duty to protect those councils and neighborhoods from a danger that could threaten the security and stability of the newly liberated area.

The Society Protection Forces participated in intensive operations in the city of al-Raqqa, especially the combing and detection of sleeper cells with the Internal Security Forces (ISF) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in order to strengthen the system of security and stability and the eradication of terrorism.

The Society Protection Forces supervise the protection of civil and social institutions such as al- Raqqa Civil Council and the affiliated institutions in addition to the neighborhoods of al-Raqqa and their main streets. The forces are divided into four points within the city, starting from the city's center towards the eastern and northern countryside of al-Raqqa.

The administrator in the Society Protection Forces Musa al-Ahmad said: "The concept of the Society Protection Forces was new to the people of al-Raqqa. After we knew their principles and how they work, it was our duty to protect our land and our people against any threat to our security and stability."

On the organizational steps of the Society Protection Forces, Musa al-Ahmad explained that the competent committees within the forces are seeking during the current period to form sub-protection committees within the neighborhood councils in a step to enhance the concept of protection and consolidate the importance of supporting the integrated security system in the city as the forces managed to establish 3 sub-protection committees in each of the neighborhoods of "al-Derriya, al-Akrad and Mushlab", which assigns protection duties to the people of those neighborhoods.




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