Spreading and maintaining the mother tongue is a struggle

The Education Society of the Democratic Community of Afrin and the city of Aleppo congratulated the International Mother Language Day, and noted that spreading the mother language is a struggle on the other hand to preserve the cohesion of society and ward off the ambitions of colonial powers.

Today, the Education Committee for the Democratic Society of Afrin and the city of Aleppo issued two separate statements to the public opinion on the occasion of the International Mother Language Day, which falls on February 21.


Dozens of male and female teachers of the Education Committee gathered in the Tel Refaat district school.

The statement was read by an administration of the Kurdish Language Committee in Afrin Shilan Ala, the statement included:

We congratulate the International Mother Language Day on the whole world, all peoples who demand peace and freedom, and all teachers, and those working to develop the language.

Language is the continuation of humanity, a basic pattern of speech, and a tool for communication between members of society.

Thanks to the mother tongue, the culture, the history of peoples, and the ancient heritage are protected, so a person must preserve his language from extinction and loss, especially the Kurdish people, who have been frequently marginalized by their language.

The statement concluded by calling on all institutions to learn the mother tongue, and urged the global institutions to support the right to learn the mother tongue.


In the context, the Training and Education Committee of the Democratic Society in the city of Aleppo issued a statement to the public opinion, in which it pointed out to the importance of the mother tongue in facing the campaigns of ethnic smelting and the disappearance of civilizations.

The statement was read in front of the Aya Qasim School located in the eastern part of Sheikh Maqsoud.

The statement began by referring to the importance of languages ​​from ancient times in the communication between the people of one people, which is one of the foundations of the rise and resilience of civilizations throughout the ages.

He continued by emphasizing that authoritarian regimes target the history and culture of peoples, and melt their identity by weakening the bonds of their mother tongue, which are the most important foundations in societies to express themselves.

The statement concluded by saying, "Spreading the mother tongue is a struggle to preserve the cohesion of society and ward off the ambitions of the colonial powers, and to emphasize that work in improving educational reality continues, to move towards the future."



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