Springs, rivers flow again after years of drought

Rivers and springs have returned to flow again after years of drought in Tirbespiyê district this year after a wave of heavy rains in al-Jazeera region North Syria.


Tirbespiyê district is considered one of the rich areas of al-Jazeera region with its groundwater and surface. But over the past years, many rivers have dried up after the Turkish state cut off its waters, such as Jirj, Babsi, Buir, Dikri Rivers and others. Many of the springs have been dried over the past year.

This year, with the beginning of winter, the region has been witnessing heavy rains that have had a clear impact on the return of many rivers and springs, which has raised the water level of each of Mizgeft and Mashouk dams significantly.

The administrator of Water Resources Protection Directorate in Tirbespiyê district Rodan Ibrahim said during a meeting with ANHA agency "The region has witnessed drought in previous years as a result of Turkey's storage of water and preventing it from flowing into the area, it was drilling artesian wells to influence the groundwater, which caused drought of a number of rivers and springs.

Ibrahim confirmed that this year and as a result of the heavy rain wave some rivers and springs returned to flow again, which led to the rise of the level of water of Mashouk and Mizgeft dams, the residents benefit from these rivers to water their land and have a role in the rise in the level of groundwater.

Jirj River is one of the most important rivers which returned to flow, it receives water from 6 springs on its outskirts and is one of the most important rivers in Tirbespiyê district.

In addition to the river "Dirna Qlnka", "Puera and Babsi", as well as another springs in Mashouk town returned to flow.

This is a unique precedent, the first of its kind, as a result of abundant rainfall since the middle of last autumn.



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