Square, rectangular and circular holes in roads due to lack of supervision, technocrats

The absence of technocrats and observers on the network of roads in the north and east of Syria led to a network of geometrical, square, rectangular and circular holes amid promises of service projects at a cost of 42 billion SYP allocated to the service sector this year.

The northern and eastern regions of Syria represent about a third of the Syrian geography. The infrastructure that serves the region, namely the road networks, did not survive the destruction and devastation caused by the battles that took place in its territory and the rehabilitation did not rise to the required level, despite the great efforts that have been made.

The reasons for poor roads are due to the absence of technocrats on the one hand, and the absence of follow-up bodies and control on the other, and perhaps the second vision is the most accurate and correct.

In the north and east of Syria, many a damaged road was paved be it main or subsidiary in the cities, villages and towns of the region. However, after some time, they begin to get damaged again, despite the potential and good budget allocated for the rehabilitation of those roads.

There are many reasons that the people of the region attribute the bad conditions of the roads to like the absence of technocrats in the rehabilitation agencies, and others accused supervisors on the rehabilitation of theft, and looting the allocations of those projects, and the parties returned to the lack of supervision and follow-up.

From Qamişlo, one of the largest cities in the north and east of Syria, says Fener Hussain, a taxi driver working at the Qanat Suez road "These bad roads affected significantly our cars, which are our source of our livelihood, and the wages we receive from our source are no longer sufficient for the maintenance of the cars that suffer from these roads. The roads are very bad where holes spread out on the roads as a result of the absence of specialists supervising the paving process."

On the reasons of repeated damage to the roads and the spread of holes again in the main and subsidiary streets in the city of Qamişlo, our correspondent met a number of taxi drivers working on the Corniche and the city market, where the drivers assured the absence of supervision and follow-up by the concerned authorities on maintenance and others pointed to the misuse of materials used by the actors and the theft of those materials during rehabilitation."

The people of the northern and eastern regions of Syria are emphasizing the need to rehabilitation of these damaged roads and work to repair them by the beginning of next summer, taking advantage of past experiences in which those bodies failed, and holding accountable those who manipulate the materials provided for rehabilitation and restoration of roads.

"We have allocated a large budget this year at the service level of 42 billion SP for the rehabilitation of network of roads, sanitation and reconstruction of affected bridges." Said the co-chair of the Municipalities and Local Administration Department in the north and east of Syria."


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