Strikes are ongoing, Leyla's strike entered 157th day

The hunger strike continues around the world to demand the end of the isolation on the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. Moreover, the hunger strike of the parliamentarian who led the campaign entered its 157th day without interruption.

The campaign, led by the parliamentarian of the Peoples' Democratic Party and the co-chair of the Democratic Society Conference Leyla Guven, has expanded to reach the world cities, and it continues, demanding to lift the isolation on Ocalan, who has been detained in Turkey since 1999, after an international plot involving the intelligence of many countries.

In Hewler city, the member of the Democratic Peoples' Party Nasir Yagiz's hunger strike entered the 144th day. The strike of the 14 activists in the French city of Strasbourg and the activist Imam Shish in the state of Wales entered the 118th day. The strike of detainees in Turkish state prisons entered  the 118th day.

The Democratic Peoples' Party MP Dêrsim Dag has been on hunger strike since March 3. The Parliamentarians Morad Tayyip Taml and Morad Sari Saj have been on the hunger strike since March 8. While a number of hunger strikers continue their strike at home after their release.

And Sadat Akin has been continuing the strike in Ella for 99 days, Ghirbat Aktiren in Dêrik for 89 days, Samra Alkan in Aleika of Izmir for 97 days, Ihsan Sinmesh in Istanbul for 46 days, Yussef Iba has also been on strike in Toronto for 92 days, Mullah Mustafa Tuzak in Duisburg for 91 days, Hasbi Jakeji for 85 days.

And at the martyr Rustam Judy camp in Makhmour, Fadila Took has been on the strike for 84 days, Shiyar Khalil in Norbo' since 80 days. Jamal Kobani, Omar Bagdor in Kassel since 75 days. Shivan Aga Oglu and Sultan Yagit in Vienna since 68 days. Mohamed Ali Koçer since 57 days in front of the United Nations building in Geneva. Nahida Zankin, Mohammed Said Yilmaz and Ali Buiraz in London have been on hunger strike since 28 days, while Harim Mahmoud continues the strike for 49 days and Kolbakh Jalal since 28 days.

In the German city of Krefeld, Agor Shakar set fire to his body on 22 March after he began a hunger strike on February 20 this year.

On March 24, a number of the hunger strikers carried out commando operations; Ayten Bejt in March 23 in Kezbai prison, Zahra Saglam on 24 March in Awltoy prison, Medya Janar on 25 March in Mêrdîn prison. In Shukran women's prison, in March 29, Yonja Akenji lost her life on April 1, and Siraj Yoksek carried out on April 2 a self-sacrifice operation in Asmaniya prison, and on 5 April, Masum Pamay carried out a self-sacrifice operation in Kharabit prison.



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