Strikes' resistance is good example of us, world is partner in Turkish violations with its silence

Women of Tirbê Spîyê pointed out that the resistance of hunger strikers such as Leyla Guven and Nasir Yagiz would be an example of resistance and challenge to lift the isolation on the leader Ocalan, and noted that the international community took a large part of the responsibility for the crimes and violations committed by Turkey through its silence.

The MP Democratic Peoples' Party and the Co-chair of the Democratic Society Conference Leyla Guven is continuing on her hunger strike for the 178th day consecutively, demanding to lift the isolation on the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan, while dozens of detainees in Turkish prisons supported her and joined the hunger strike campaign.

In this regard, the women of Tirbê Spîyê district of Qamishlo canton have denounced the international silence towards of the Turkish occupation's practices against the detainees of opinion.

Asia Jum'a, has glorified in the beginning of her words the sacrifices of all hunger strikers who preferred death to silence on the suffering of the leader Abdullah Ocalan from isolation and criminal practices.

And added, "These people have proved to the world that women and the Kurdish people are committed to their leader and their authentic history, and that the harsh isolation on the leader Ocalan is against all human rights' charters."

Asia pointed in her talk to the resistance of women since ancient times in the face of colonial powers and today renewed resistance by the will of the parliamentarian in the Democratic Peoples' Party Leyla Guven whose hunger strike entered the 178th day to enter the stage of danger with a significant deterioration of her health status.

In turn, Suaad al-Hussein noted that all the hunger strikers wanted through their campaign to put pressure on the Turkish state to lift the intensive isolation on Ocalan to allow his lawyers and his family to visit him.

Suaad denounced the Turkish state's practices against hunger strikers and their families and said, "The Turkish state did not find any way to end the hunger strikers' campaign so it resorted to their families to put pressure on them, but the Kurdish people's will, who are eager for freedom, was a deterrent to them and their practices."

She stressed that the resistance of all hunger strikers such as Leyla Guven and Nasir Yagiz would be an example of them in the resistance, and renewed the covenant for all martyrs to follow their footsteps until the liberation of the leader Abdullah Ocalan; the owner of the democratic nation's principle and thought and the liberation of all the territories occupied by Turkey.



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