Sudan ... Communist accuses its associates of hiding negotiations' details

The Sudanese Communist Party accused its partners in the Forces of Freedom and Change of hiding what is going on in negotiations with the Transitional Military Council, while the Sudanese street awaits the ratification and signing of the second document of the constitutional declaration.

The Sudanese Communist Party said in a statement that what he called the "intense ambiguity" surrounding the negotiations between the Forces of Freedom and Change and the military council is a complete absence of the masses of revolution maker and a clear intention to waste its right to know what is happening and check the progress of the negotiations.

This political movement coincides with the call by the group of professionals to launch peace processions in the name of "justice first" today throughout Sudan, for sake those who fell in the events of the sit-in in front of the army headquarters, as he put it.

Developments come after announcing by the African mediator to Sudan, Mohamed al-Hassan Labat, that the two parties to the negotiations have agreed on the political declaration on the structures and levels of government, while the debate is still on the constitutional declaration that defines its powers.

The African mediator said it was agreed to meet on Saturday to ratify the second document, which includes the constitutional declaration.

The Ethiopian mediator also confirmed that negotiations will continue on Saturday between the parties to complete the drafting of the constitutional declaration, noting that the negotiations were characterized by a spirit of seriousness and cooperation.



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