Sudan: Agreement on structure of transitional Authority

Sudan's Military Council spokesman Shamseddin Kabbashi on Monday announced an agreement with opposition forces on the transitional regime.

Kabbashi said a meeting between the council and the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change resulted in an agreement on the "structure of the transitional authority."

"We agreed on the tasks and authorities at the political, executive and legislative levels."

Kabbashi revealed that the participation rates of civilians and military in the sovereign council, which will manage the transitional period in the country and the duration of that phase, will be discussed Tuesday.

The coalition of the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change confirmed agreement on the structures of the Transitional Authority.

The Alliance for Freedom and Change said in a statement that it had identified points of disagreement and proposed resolving them within "72 hours" from the moment the talks began.

Witnesses said angry protesters had blocked the road after police prevented them from going to the sit-in outside the Armed Forces headquarters.

The men and women of the road cut rocks by tree trunks, according to witnesses.

Source: Al Hura



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